Dada is dead

It is we who have killed it no one cares it is interesting but no one actually cares they give it a brief look and say oh isn’t that nice and move on to something else.   Advertisements


Dada is not a new tendency in art. Dada comes from the dictionary. It is terribly simple. An International word.   Yet it is unknown. Can anyone explain it. Do people actually mean it. Or just the idea of what it could be.   THIS IS NOT DADA. Some is Dada, much much is not. … More THIS IS NOT DADA

Knowledge is power

Poetry is not the preserve of any one Race, language or culture. Many people try to read it alone, Devoid of its cultural backing, Like reading a chapter without the rest.   Some of this backing is just backing. Capitalising each line feels right, But is not part of the meaning. Feci at non potui, ut liber sum. Or … More Knowledge is power


Today Is this day, But what does it mean?   Does it mean anything, Should we care? Does anyone?   I remember yesterday, All the fun we had. The perfection, No true bad times.   And I can see, Tomorrow All the possibilities, My plans, my desires.   Yet we are stuck today. It is … More Today

A Kensigton Lady

One day I was walking down the street, I can’t remember why. The air was thick with pollution and heat, And poetic subtlety might as well die. For I met an old lady who said:   “O, you like the continent, What a shame. I Don’t, so bye bye.   O, you like the environment, … More A Kensigton Lady

Let me be free.

Let me be free. Cast down the chains, Those forged manacles.   Let me be free. Rip up the charters, Ignore the past.   Let me be free. Overturn the convention, Stand up and applaud.   Let me be free. Remove those walls, Which constrain my mind.   Let me be free. Sideline the normal, … More Let me be free.